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Reasons for hiring a Landscaping Service

There are many reasons why homeowners contact a landscaping service. When professional technicians are not hired, most people make many costly mistakes.

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Mistake One - Choosing a Poor Planting Location

Many people plant their flowers in areas that do not get proper sunlight. Landscaping service technicians always inspect the tag on a plant before any procedures are implemented. The tag is important because it provides detailed information about the plant. 

Trees should be planted in an efficient spot too because they will need space so that they can grow. Most homeowners contact landscaping service technicians for advice before they choose their trees. Since landscaping service technicians are knowledgeable, they recommend the best trees that can be used as focal points.


Mistake Two - Planting Flowers Too Deep

If a tree is planted too deeply in the ground, it will not survive. Homeowners typically place a lot of soil around their trees because they think that the soil will make their trees grow larger. However, heavy soil can choke a tree since air cannot access the root system. 

Also, the tree’s root could rot if it is not planted properly. Landscaping service technicians prevent this problem by examining the main stem, which is the area where the tentacles are located. Landscaping service specialists always plant the tentacles near the surface of the ground.


Mistake Three - Poor Grass Maintenance

Most homeowners cut their grass low so that they can mow less each month. This is not a good strategy because it causes a bare patch. When a lawn has this problem, it will be susceptible to disease.

Landscaping service technicians implement specific procedures to ensure that a lawn receives plenty of shade during the summer. Sunlight is important because it helps the blades grow higher. In shaded areas, lawns have fewer issues because water does not evaporate quickly. Landscaping service specialists also implement proper procedures during the winter. They cut the grass much shorter because this strategy helps sunlight reach the soil.


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Mistake Four - Using Improper Pots for Plants

Landscaping service specialists always plant flowers in large pots. This method gives the plants enough room so that they can grow properly. However, they never use overly large pots because certain plants can shift and sink into the soil. Landscaping service experts understand that most plants will be re-potted at some point. They determine when re-potting is necessary by inspecting the roots. If the roots stick out along the bottom of the pot, the plant should be re-potted.

Making an investment in your landscaping can do many things for you. It will not only improve the looks of your property, but will increase the value of your home and property. So why not hire a professional landscaping service, and get the job done correctly from the start!

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